Benefits of Papaya Leaves for Pigeons

efficacy of papaya leaves for pigeons

Efficacy of papaya leaves for pigeons Pigeons are a type of bird that has been kept for a long time, especially in rural areas. Dove Pigeons are also the choice of many people.

In addition to the type of bird that has a philosophy of loyalty, this animal is also decorated with a charming face charm. In the procedure for caring for birds listed, several important points need to be observed so that birds are always healthy and have good conditions according to their care. One of the things that needs to be seen is about the bird food we provide.

Certain types of bird food will certainly have certain benefits as well and one of them is papaya leaves. Here are some of the properties of papaya leaves for pigeons that we need to know to increase the knowledge of the pigeon lovers below. check it out ‘.

1. Increase Bird’s Appetite

Benefits of papaya leaves for pigeons is able to restore and help in increasing the appetite of birds. The benefits of increasing appetite have been tried by many bird owners whose pigeons lack any appetite for feeding.

How to give papaya leaves in increasing appetite is not directly given whole in the form of leaves but must be crushed and taken the juice which is then given or fed to the bird. The effect of increasing appetite will only appear if used consistently.

Provision of additional feed with peanuts can be done only in the morning, afternoon and evening are not given, or by giving every meal.

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2. Increasing Pigeon Stamina

The process of giving papaya leaves to pigeons is beneficial to increase and maintain stamina in birds. Good stamina in pigeons is very important for pigeons to fly fast. Giving papaya leaves can be done by squeezing it first until papaya leaf extract comes out and then squeezing it to the bird, because not all birds will eat it directly.

3. Streamlining Digestion

Other benefits of papaya leaves are smooth digestion and maintain health. A smooth digestive situation can make a variety of nutrients in the food consumed can be digested properly. Good absorption of these nutrients is very very useful for pigeon growth and development.

4. Maintain Bird Weight

The prime physical condition in pigeons, especially for those who want to compete, must be properly maintained. The ideal body weight neither too fat nor too thin will help the pigeon improve its flying abilities. So that this can be achieved there is a way, namely by providing regular papaya leaf concoctions.

Thus some of the benefits of papaya leaves for pigeons that can be used by bird owners for treatment in accordance with the desired needs. Hopefully this is useful, don’t forget to share with other friends. Thanks.

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