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Crested Pigeon

Crested Pigeon

Cito pigeons are pigtails (crested), because the head is crested. This bird is better if maintained at least 5 pairs, if more and more friends are flying the longer he flies.

The characteristics of a good bird are: body shape should not be too long, red eyes, but do not break, because red eyes do not easily glare when flying high, wide primary wing feathers, when held tail feathers expand / like a butterfly.

A good bird that flies slowly, but does not flap, it flies not far from home, a good bird flies vertically, both when it rises or descends, it flies very high, above the clouds, even if there are no visible clouds (at over cloudy) enjoy flying most often done at 7 am and 3 pm, the way is quite easy just by raising your hand or pretending to be banned by this bird will automatically fly long over 2 hours.

Basically there are actually 2 colors, namely black and white with gray or black speckled necks (commonly called “brues”), but there are also those that are mostly plain white. better not below, at least parallel to the roof of the house, the goal is to let the bird not be too tame (giras) Butterfly buff pigeons usually make their cages / gupons on the tree.

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Will make you lazy to fly for a long time, maybe because you see other birds perched on the roof so it takes pingin down. Our goal is to be one of the most competitive in breeding cito pigeons, and it is very consistent to maintain it year after year.

We have old race specific cito dove with the basic color of the feather which actually has 2 namely black and white with gray or black bottled necks commonly called “brues”, but there are also those with dark color.

Apart from these colors are no longer original (in my opinion) and the flight will not be too long. These types of birds can fly very high and long. Our way to get high quality flying pigeon cito breeds is to cross breeds that are able to fly high from the blood line of the old race.

Well friends know the cito or crested pigeon above are the characteristics of intelligent pigeons, hopefully after reading this article we will be more careful in choosing pigeons for us to be our heroes. Okay, hopefully useful.

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